About Us

Laurie Smithwick is a designer, painter, printmaker, and Charlotte native. Cat Babbie is a fiber artist, bread baker, project manager, and color chaser. By combining our complementary talents in 2019, we forged a two-headed creative dynamo capable of churning out exactly what everyone wants: really cool stuff. 

Sometimes that’s a t-shirt design. Sometimes it’s a leather backpack. Sometimes it’s a pillow with punctuation marks. Honestly, you never know what we’ll come up with next. But what you can count on is that it will start with smart design, and end with high quality—and often you’ll find a strong dose of humor in-between.

Just to get a little personal: between us we have five cats, a loom, a paint sprayer, and two tiny cars. In other words, we’re two lucky friends bound by a desire to make things. For you.

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